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just a question

...well I think you´ve heard about the dissociatives...and now I´m wondering if silverchair split up or are the dissociatives just a sideproject?... hope you can help me :(
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it's a side project as far as i know.
I read in an interview a few weeks ago with Dan, that The Dissociatives aren't a side project, they are a whole new band.

There was also other things, if you go to _silverchair_ community There is big discussions, and I think the article is in there too!
the link doesn´t work... but I just read an interview where daniel said that silverchair didn´t split up, they are only "parked"... well...I hope it´s true.
oh ok..obviously i typed it in wrong.

I hope its true too!! I cannot think how horrible it would be to hear/see that they have broken up! But we always have their music, posters etc.

yeah... but lets forget the thoughts that they could have split up. I read twice that daniel said: that they don´t have any plans yet but they didn´t split up... that would be horrible! forget about it :)
yep..think positive!!!!

:):) *does a happy dance coz she is thinking positive!!!*
:))) *dances with you* :P
OMG!! We have another dancer people!! Its great..not many people do that happy dance!!

yeaaaah let´s dance :D *still dances*
*continues to dance the Happy dance*

I think im getting tired.
kihi uhm btw. I am "addictedtoStef" I changed my accound. Do you mind if I´d add you? and you´re adding me back? *puppy eyes*
nah its cool :)!

I shall add ya
they haven't broken up, they're just taking another one of their indefinite breaks... and the dissociatives are a whole new band, as soneone else said, but daniel is still very much involved with silverchair.